[che-wa-ta] (verb) is an Amharic word for Play/Game meaning to engage in an activity for the sake of enjoyment.
I believe the True Essence of Life is Play!
No one really knows why we’re all here, why Life exists but one thing we know for sure is Life can only be Lived… Engaged… Enjoyed… Played.

Here, we contemplate the science of Play and Game Thinking, which is the use of play (Games, Gamification, Serious Games, Playful Design and Simulation) for both Fun and Social Changes.

‘In Game-Thinking We don’t really care about your problems, What we really care about is You and Why you are
‘In Game-Thinking We don’t really care about your problems, What we really care about is You and Why you are
How many of you here believe you have a grand purpose in life? How many of you have plaied the
Games? Really, As games children play with? That’s what I read in most people’s faces every time I introduce myself
A lot of people misunderstood the gaming industry numbers especially when it comes to the 130Billion dollar earning. Many assume
I came across a report on the Nollywood Movie Industry being worth an estimated around 5.3 Billion Dollars which is
After a rejection, you’ll find yourself at a Y junction (a threeway road). One road that leads to obsession, addiction,
We all know the story there was God, he made the world. After seeing all was good, HE decided to
In Christian traditions, there is a term that is widely used and at the same time largely misunderstood. It is
There hasn’t been a better time as this era where humanity was so blessed, blessed with greatest gift possible, the

A Game Made By Africans


I’ve had the privileged to take part on the making of Busara, a game made by 15 teams from 15 African countries.

As a player, you decide what kind of leader you want to be: Open borders or isolation? Free trade or protectionism? Collaboration – competition – sabotage – everything is possible. Use your kingdom’s specific features and magical powers to promote your culture and lead a successful society. This is the basic story of BUSARA – a board game that connects elements from all participating countries of the Enter Africa project.

Busara is a free print and play game and you can get the resources from here.

Serious Game to Combat Gender Based Violence


Games are the highest form of art in which the turn the spectator from mere observer into the main character in the play making them the perfect tool for awareness creation and behavioral change.

That’s why we’ve collaborated with Hani Sadati‘s Ph.D to make a serious game (tool) to help ATVET colleges instructors tackle sexual and gender-based violence in Maichew, Soddo, Woreta and Nedjo.
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“The true essence of Life is Play! No one knows why Life exists but Everyone knows it must be endured…
and what better way”

My ultimate purpose in Life, if I had one, would be to sell Joy in Jars and making games have become the closest thing to that.