Dagmawi Bedilu

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Game Designer


2018 - Present

Goethe Institut (Enter Africa)

A Program Coordinator and a Game Thinking/Experience Designer for an African Wide project that aims to bring 15 Countires that will work of 15 Ideas to make 15 Games. www.goethe.de/enterafrica

2016 - Now


Founder and Team Lead to an international team of architects, engineers, & designers striving to
bring game thinking to/from Africa in the fields of work, education, health and relationships

2015 - Now


An umbrella social enterprise for a set of entrepreneurial initiatives having its focus on the creating a culture of sharing to help society help itself. Sharing is the future and we are already their. www.gursha.org

2009 - 2018


A Location Based Systems
Development Division Head (INSA) 

Oversee 14+ Projects.
Chair a National Initiative.
Lead a simulation project.
Lead (Mentor) 20+ Engineers.

About Me

A Software Engineer, an Aspiring Entrepreneur, a Proud Civil Servant and a Game Thinking Activist with an appetite for both Science and the Arts. A team player with a quality of easily understanding systems and how they work. A true believer of life and a brighter future for all…

P.S – An old school gamer (Prince of Persia 8 bit)



Electrical Engineering


.NEt, C#, HTML5, JS 90%
Unity, 3D Studio Max 79%
Adobe Fl, Ps, Ae, Pr, Id, Il 71%
Microsoft Office, Enterprice Architect 96%


Program/Project Managment 81%
Software/System Design 95%
Entrepreneurship 80%
Game Thinking/Design Thinking 93%
Prince II, BSC 82%
Agile (Scrum), Jira 90%


  • 2019 Köln Gamescom Speaker
  • 2019 Berlin A Maze Speaker
  • 2017 Köln Gamescom Speaker
  • 2017 Creative Futures Ethiopia Candidate
  • 2016 Top 11 of the Ethiopia’s best startups.
  • 2015 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)
  • 4 Times Outstanding Performer 2009/11/12/14


Christoph Deeg

Digital-Analogue Strategies, Gamification Digital Risk. 


Dr. Julia Sattler

Goethe-Institut Addis Ababa


Roman Rackwitz




Dagmawi Bedilu Degefe is an Ethiopian Software Engineer, an Aspiring Entrepreneur and a Game-Thinking activist with an appetite for both Science and the Arts. In his Engineering career, he has managed to work as a Senior Software Architect for the country’s biggest IT company, designing and developing Location-Based Systems while leading a team of 25+ engineers/developers, supervising more than 15 projects.

In the entrepreneurial arena, he has founded gursha.org, a social enterprise that aims to enable societies to solve their own problems using indigenous knowledge. Also, a co-founder of Chewata Awaqi a cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary company with an overarching vision of curing the world with Game Thinking by bringing back the fun in the Learning, Loving and Living experience; meaning creating social impacts through the use of games, playful design, simulation, gamification and serious games.

He was a speaker at the 2017th Gamescom held in Köln, Germany, a 2017 Creative Futures Ethiopia candidate, Creative Hustle Game Dev. Lead Trainer, 2016 Top 11 of the Ethiopia’s best startups, 2015 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) candidate and is a project manager for 2018-19 Enter Africa Project (a Goethe Institute Initiative). He is also a startup mentor in one of the country’s leading incubation center (BlueMoon Ethiopia).

A Rotaractor, Toastmaster, Positive Thinker (PNL Newsletter Chief Editor) and a LifeBlogger. A true believer of life and a brighter future for all…

“If my Maker came to me and asked me if I wanted to live a million years I would say ‘Hell No, I want to live a thousand years…. a thousand times;
Ones as a healer, ones as a lover, ones as a thinker, ones as a maker, ones as a savior…’”


Download Full Resume Here Dagmawi Bedilu Resume 2018 [Full]

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