The word is made up of two letters of the Hebrew alphabet – Chet (ח‬) and Yod (י‬), forming the word “chai”, meaning “alive”, or “living”.

Here you’ll find my public presentations about life.

The Divine Dance

What they don’t teach you at school… why they can’t teach you at school. (A presentation especially for new graduates, for those who dare to contemplate life and for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of Life.)

Industry 4.0

The presentation is about understanding the foundations of Industry 4.0. What it is, how it came to be, what it means and how we can capitalize on it.

Tiger by the Tail

What is Innovation? Debunking the myths about innovation and understanding how innovation can help you grow your business? 
The presentation/speech was done for Growth Africa.


Thinking outside the Ball!!! Understanding the true Yin & Yang. A presentation about how people can have fulfillment in their lives by designing their lives.

Unclutter Yourself

A Simple Guide to Simplicity.

Fishing for Humans

The Path to Sustainable Self Development.

Thinking 102 - Game Thinking

Understanding the relationship between games and life.

Thinking 101

Taking a different perspective on Existence.

The Dream

If You are looking for Purpose in life,
then You are seeking Madness;
If You find one, You surly have gone Mad.
If there is any purpose to Life, then that purpose is to Live… to Live life Fully. Meaning when Your clocks run out every aspect of this life has been explore to its Entirety.