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My Craft Portfolio

If you're wondering about what I do for a living.

Software Engineer

I’m a professional Electrical Engineer who specialized in Software Engineer. Having worked for a leading governmental IT company involved in National Cyber Security. I’ve managed to lead a team of 30 engineers/developers and realized more than 15 projects; I’ve work as a Senior Software Architect, designing and developing location-based systems.

Social Entrepreneur

I’m an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for helping societies solve their own problems and I strive to contribute to the social well-being of my community. Founded, a social enterprise with the aim of aiding societies to solve their issues using already existing indigenous remedies.

Also a blue moon mentor.

Game Thinker

A Co-founder of Chewata Awaqi which aims to spread game thinking for social change. Game thinking incorporates the use of games, gamification and playful design for the betterment of human lives.

Speaker at the Gamescom 2017, I believe Game Thinking is the most important weapon in the fight against societal “Passivity” and a key resource for people engagement.


If you're wondering about who I really am.


The one who marvels at both Science and Art and contemplate of Life, Love, Light and the purpose of everything.


The Tech-Junkie whose passion and obsession to Systems of the World transcends Time and Space.

The Investor

The want that wants to leave a Dent. The one that envisions of living larger than LIFE itself.


The bundle of joy with the sole purpose of making people smile.

The Observer

The one that explores the within.

The Mentor

That one that believes that each one should teach one

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